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Reallocate Your Wealth

The Harriet Tubman Effect encourages all people of privilege to participate in reparations and reallocation of wealth to marginalized people of all backgrounds. HTE recognizes multiple pillars of weatlh: time, social, financial, knowledge and health wealth. Engage in reallocationing your wealth below.

What programs can I reallocate my wealth to?




FUNDING AFFORDABLE TICKETING - Lantern Tix is a strategic ticketing initiative that lights pathways for community groups to attend theater. Our work prioritizes sustainability, equity, and care by removing barriers to create spaces of joy and belonging. Lantern Tix creates relationships with productions to provide access to free or discounted tickets to HTE approved individuals and communities - See more below.




Lantern Coaching supports POC in their self determination journeys by providing them with underwritten coaching in legal, mental health, financial sustainability, workplace trauma and resource development needs. The program functions like a concierge service supporting participants through an application process that leads to customized coaching sessions offered by leaders of all racial background across industries.  




The Lantern Library is a pop up museum and multi-faceted education experience for guests who are interested in dismantling systemic oppression. Harriet Tubman Effect has designed the Lantern Library to help leaders engage with stories of the past to help our problem solving and equity work of the future and to provide BIPOC leaders a space to network, share their work, showcase themselves and recruit employment opportunities. The Lantern Library serves as an orchestrated network for the practice of reallocating wealth across identities and professions.




Lantern Guide is a digital assessment tool that helps organizations interested in dismantling systemic oppression share and track individual and organizational progress in workplace wellness. The tool is inspired by the Negro Motorist’s Greenbook and utilizes personal stories to illuminate pathways toward sustainable social change in the workplace.




Lantern Orgs allows HTE to support organizations who would not otherwise be able to raise funds and gain mainstream attraction on their own. HTE chooses each partner org carefully based on alignment of their mission and our own values. In partnership with these organizations, HTE produces educational content, videos, pitch packets and social media content to activate brand awareness that strengthens the infrastructure of our collective dismantling systemic oppression goals.

 Reallocate Your Wealth with HTE
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Please engage in the following questionnaire to help us better understand your interest in reallocating your wealth:

Reallocating Financial Wealth

If interested in reallocating financial wealth please visit the Lantern Fund tax deductible donation page.

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Reallocating Time
How would you like to reallocate you time wealth to the community?
Reallocating Space 
What kind of space are you interested in reallocating to the community?
Customized Reallocation of Wealth

Share any customized ways of reallocating wealth that you hope to share with the community this season. 

Please insert your preferred way of requesting space and any information you want us to know about your reallocation of a physical location. For example: restrictions, policies, preferences to communicate before offering a community member space during Reparations Season.  

Thank you for reallocating your wealth. We will be in touch soon!

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