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We are looking forward to collaborating with you. Take a look at the initiatives below and tap into the work that is currently resonating with your needs.

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Communal Human Resource Opportunities

Community Human Resource Opportunities

Need Work Place DEI Advice or Human Resource Support?

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Email us at: for advocacy and mental health support in your workplace.

*Please note everything shared with us will be kept completely confidential and shall not be disclosed to anybody else, without your explicit consent. 

Join the HTE community for ongoing education, advocacy support, mental health referrals and DEI consultant connections.

Radically transform your DEI leadership with our Communal Human Resource Opportunities

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POC Healing curriculum


Harriet Tubman Effect

Join us as we engage in a practice of reparations and reallocating wealth. The Lantern Fund serves as a hub for many ways to receive and reallocate wealth across industries. The initiatives that make up the fund have been designed by researchers at Harriet Tubman Effect in tandem with our communities to increase social, health, financial and time wealth of marginalized groups and professionals. Sign up to reallocate your wealth or receive wealth by clicking the button below. 

POC Healing curriculum


Harriet Tubman Effect

Lantern Online Powered By HTE is one of Harriet Tubman Effect’s community projects. In tandem with clients and community members, the research organization began building resources for the digital platform in 2021. Over the past two years leading researchers in the community have curated these resources for classes, panels, and conferences across the country in their respective disciplines. The shift to a communal platform is in response to the growing community and its potential for financial sustainability through a user-based platform. Users can customize their LANTERN experience via their profile and activate learning specific to their industry of choice. 

POC Healing curriculum


Harriet Tubman Effect

HTE Comics is proud to present its bedrock story, LANTERN. A short graphic novel that explores the research institute’s reallocation of wealth value through the eyes of young people and historical figures. French 75 Studios, Nagela Dales and Nicole Johnson will introduce HTE Comics at HTE‘s end of New World celebration. The research institute’s new storytelling brand is designed to share joyful imagination that sustains social change. 

POC Healing curriculum


Harriet Tubman Effect

Beginning November 1st, HTE will host a weekly think tank to support community members across industries, opening up our office hours to strategic thinking, project planning, workplace trauma support and storytelling for sustainable social change. Join us via zoom or schedule a get to know you session to learn more about our communal Human Resources. 

HTE also offers many cross-industry classes and educational opportunities for free. Sign up for our mailing list to learn more about our upcoming workshops and events. 


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