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Communal Human Resource Opportunities

Community Human Resource Opportunities

POC Healing curriculum


New World Annual Program

"A New World, Right Here In America” is a 52 week (year long) research study, community and accountability practice conducted by the Harriet Tubman Effect Institute with the mission of guiding willing American institutions, leaders, and community members towards dismantling systemic oppression and white supremacy culture in American workplaces.

Individuals who want to dismantle white supremacy culture in their daily spaces. Tracks available for both marginalized people and white individuals who will work together, while prioritizing the support, education, and healing needed within individual communities.

POC Healing curriculum


Organizational Theory Retreat

Two-day Organizational Theory and DEI Retreat Built for leadership teams to assess company values and DEI principles, and engage in problem of practice briefs to model the activation of those values and principles. Join our HTEI fellows, founders and justice advocates as we unpack antiracism, cultural competency, inclusive hiring practices, reallocation of wealth programming, wellness initiatives and more. 

POC Healing curriculum


Edify 5 Step Program

The 5-week Edify program strengthens your capacity to advocate for justice in a chosen workplace, institution or community. Expect to gain new vocabulary, storytelling and presentation skills and engage in conversations pivotal to this turn of the civil rights movement. The workshops train participants to immerse themselves in the plight of a vulnerable community and use your new skills to produce a resource you can confidently present in the face of injustice (letter, powerpoint, presentation, short film, creative expression, etc.)

POC Healing curriculum


POC Healing Curriculum

Harriet Tubman Effect will create healing packages and customized programs to be experienced by people of color in a retreat experience. Partnering institutions can underwrite these experiences to reallocate their wealth.


In tandem with cognitive based therapy questions and workbook exercises, participants will engage their five senses to navigate rewiring their neural health and activating deep frames. This is not a nervous system healing program, instead it’s a program for discovery of the true self and imagining who you could be if not shackled by the unseen terror of white supremacy. 


Harriet Tubman Effect has collected artifacts and resources designed for a variety of historical and cultural backgrounds. Resources and artifacts are curated specifically for participants according to their application form asking CBT questions about their history, honoring of self.

POC Healing curriculum


Workplace Grievance Form

Harriet Tubman Effect provides partnering institutions with third party human resource support for diversity, equity and inclusion grievances, sexual harassment and organizational theory. Contact us via the form for advice about your workplace. Partnering institution can underwrite the support of this resource. Fellows, Founders and Justice Advocates at HTE serve as mental health specialists, therapists, consultants and researchers to support DEI capacity in partnering institutions.

Need Work Place DEI Advice or Human Resource Support?

Join Harriet Tubman Effect researchers and community impact officers at our bi-weekly Zoom Office Hours to share more about your workplace DEI questions, concerns and stories. Theses public session allows participants to engage with members of the HTE community in hopes of learning more about our services and getting some immediate responses to workplace DEI concerns.


Join HTE bi-weekly on Zoom to learn more about our services and receive immediate assistance with DEI concerns.

Tuesdays 6 -7pm ET

Saturdays 2 -3pm ET

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Radically transform your DEI leadership with our Communal Human Resource Opportunities

Fill out our inquiry form for self advocacy and mental health support in your work place. Join the Harriet Tubman Effect community for ongoing education, advocacy support, mental health referrals and DEI consultant connections.

*Please note everything shared within this form will be kept completely confidential with the Harriet Tubman Effect and shall not be disclosed to anybody else, without your explicit consent. 

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