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Sept 2022 - August 2023

A New World Annual Program

Quarter 2 Begins Jan 2023

A 52-week program consisting of an ongoing research study, weekly meetings and  accountability practice for professionals looking to dismantle systemic oppression and white supremacy culture in American workplaces.

Together with the other members of “A New World,” you will work through a resource book that explores your relationship to culture, power and compensation, with a focus on building community, leading with grace, self-assessment and reparations. Throughout the year-long program you will have the opportunity to meet and learn as a group every Monday or Saturday, as well as engage with individual work, affinity groups or one-on-ones  as you wish to dive deeper.

Stay tuned: Registration for Quarter 2 opens Thurs Dec 1st!

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November 28, 2022 4-5pm ET

Accessible Ticketing (in the theater industry)

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An afternoon of conversation for greater collaboration and sharing best practices around accessible ticketing in the theater industry.

Producers, theater owners, company managers, GMs and anyone with an interest in diving into accessible ticketing is invited to join HTE researchers in conversation to gain new tools, resources and contacts for industry-wide accessible ticketing.

November 28, 2022 7-9pm ET

Lantern Nights

Theatre workers of all backgrounds are invited to join HTE for a night of healing practices and support in telling your story of workplace oppression. Affinity groups for BIPOC and white people will be available.  You will gain healing practices, a completed article or rendering of your story, and resources for sustainability in dismantling systemic oppression. Lantern Nights is a space to navigate the storytelling necessary to heal. Your stories are shared publicly as a form of truth telling and learning in our community.

Bring your favorite snacks, drinks and whatever you need to feel cozy and comfortable at home while participating in this free virtual event. :)