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Upcoming Events

*All events and dates are subject to change

Sept 2022 - August 2023

A New World Annual Program

Quarter 4 Begins July 10th

A 52-week program consisting of an ongoing research study, weekly meetings and  accountability practice for professionals looking to dismantle systemic oppression and white supremacy culture in American workplaces.

Together with the other members of “A New World,” you will work through a resource book that explores your relationship to culture, power and compensation, with a focus on building community, leading with grace, self-assessment and reparations. Throughout the year-long program you will have the opportunity to meet and learn as a group every Monday or Wednesday, as well as engage with individual work, affinity groups and one-on-ones as you wish to dive deeper.


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June 2023

Lantern Library & Storytelling Festival

Saturday June 17th 10am ET - Monday June 19th 10pm ET

The Lantern Library is a pop up museum and multi-faceted storytelling experience for guests who are interested in dismantling systemic oppression. In this pop up space participants are given access to a digital and physical library of stories in a variety of mediums all catered to cultural competency, cultural humility and sustainable social change. The pop up museum functions like a scholastic book fair with participants joining in museum-like appointment slots. The experience seeks to help guests focus on healing in their workplace as a part of their dismantling systemic oppression efforts. This is a space for like-minded leaders across industries who are seeking mutual understanding and support around DEI progress in American workplaces.

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