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Upcoming Events

*All events and dates are subject to change

June 2024

Reparations Season Fundraiser

Sat June 15th: 12 - 2:30pm

HTE's annual Juneteenth Fundraiser will be graciously hosted by MCC Theater this year. Join us as we raise money and resources for Reparations Season. A light brunch will be provided.


During HTE's Reparations Season, DEIA-minded professionals implement their learnings and engage in a reallocation of wealth practice according to their power and privilege. HTE researchers serve like concierge attendants connecting people with resources to Black and Brown founders and employees. The relationship building we are orchestrating this season is designed to encourage natural reallocation of wealth behaviors between industry professionals. At HTE we sort wealth into five different categories: social wealth, time wealth, health wealth, financial wealth and knowledge wealth.

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