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October 19th 2023

Lincoln Center - Beaumont Lobby

10am - 7:30pm

The Lantern Library is a pop up museum and multi-faceted education experience for guests who are interested in dismantling systemic oppression. Events are designed for guests who work or aspire to work in Theater, K-12, Higher Education, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Houses of Worship. Learn more about our offerings below and create your own schedule for the weekend with your all access Lantern Library Card. Harriet Tubman Effect has designed the Lantern Library to help leaders engage with stories of the past to help our problem solving and equity work of the future. 
Accessibility Resources Available

Click below for the weekend schedule of Lantern Library activities and classes.

Lantern Library Schedule (1).png

$50 for full weekend attendance 

$20 day passes/$5 single class passes are available at the door

We believe in making all our programming accessible at HTE. Please reach out to us at for sponsorship.

Click on each bubble below to view the list of scheduled activities by category.

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