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Any American workplace can partner with the Harriet Tubman Effect


When your company partners with the HTEI, you will be allocated Evergreen and Efficacy fellows who are experts in the field. Through in depth research, fellows provide workshops and seminars, research collaboration and consultation sessions in varying topics such as justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Choose one or multiple services from the list below.

*Note: The number of fellows designated to each organization is dependent on raised funds and budget allocations.

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Our Services


Edify training

The 5-week Edify program strengthens your capacity to advocate for justice in a chosen workplace, institution or community. Expect to gain new vocabulary, storytelling and presentation skills and engage in conversations pivotal to this turn of the civil rights movement. The workshops train participants to immerse themselves in the plight of a vulnerable community and use your new skills to produce a resource you can confidently present in the face of injustice (letter, powerpoint, presentation, short film, creative expression, etc.)


Diversity, Equity, & inclusion (DEI) consulting

An HTEI fellow conducts a DEI assessment of your place of work and builds a plan to ensure equity, safety and inclusion for all individuals. This may include, recurring antiracism workshops, implementation of inclusive policy and management protocol, a communication overhaul, development of an accountability system for discrimination/harassment, and more.



Individually created by our HTEI fellows, our workshops cover a wide range of topics such as antiracism, cultural competency, diverse hiring practices, reallocation of wealth programming, wellness initiatives and more. You are also invited to work with our fellows to curate a workshop that satisfies your company’s curiosities and needs.


Research & strategic planning

Your company will be allocated fellows with expertise in organizational theory, systems management, workplace optimization, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and more. These fellows partner with each company/show to improve the workplace culture and strengthen and solidify your DEI strategy through data analysis and research and development of technical resources and publications.



HTEI fellows elevate an organization's culture through our Pervasive System Wide Change programming and policy change. Any organization can create a long term plan to exact equity by engaging in a six month relationship with a fellow of color. This relationship will ultimately lead to joint company ownership and high level decision making with people of color in your organization.

*While public Edify courses will be offered again in the future, we are currently focused on partnering with companies interested in providing DEI services for their staff. Individuals should speak with their employers to work with HTEI. 

How It Works

At HTEI we tailor our services to your company's needs. Take our business assessment questionaire to determine which services are the best fit for you. Rates and timeframe vary depending on each contract. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Connect with a Harriet Tubman Effect strategist through your organization's senior leadership, operations department, DEI or HR department.


Step 2: Engage in an internal assessment questionnaire and initial scope session with a team of Harriet Tubman Effect strategists.


Step 3: Establish a separate budget line and financial funnel to receive donations for your organization’s Harriet Tubman Effect. Note: Each Fellow has a monthly fee of $1,000 - 3,000, depending on their hourly workload. 


Step 4: Receive a year-long plan of action for strategist rotation; begin working with your team of Harriet Tubman Effect strategists. Your partnership can be renewed on a yearly basis.

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