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The Harriet Tubman Effect Institute provides Justice Advocates with a depth of professional development tools, introspective work and social capital to strengthen their contribution in society and in the dismantling of systemic oppression in American institutions. 


Through a three month Evergreen and Efficacy paid fellowship, justice advocates from a variety of industries will engage in a research as learning egalitarian fellowship designed to produce resources, programs, facilitated sessions and curriculums that help citizens dismantle systemic oppression in the institutions they work in.

  • What is the fellowship?
    The fellowship is a practice in self determination that provides justice advocates with a team, timetable and resources to expedite their work. Justice Advocates gain access to a team of the following: - Two Advisors - Four Content Contributors - Four Volunteers Justice Advocates serve as “content leaders” executing their own plan of action submitted in the application process and engaging in bi-weekly (twice per week) continuing professional development courses offered by other Justice Advocates in the cohort, guest educators and media from the Harriet Tubman Effect Justice Advocacy Reserve.
  • Who's it for?
    Community leaders, artists, educators, writers and content curators of color from the United States are welcome to apply. Applicants must present a plan of action to the current cohort of justice advocates who are navigating their own fellowships and together the current team will pass the torch to the next cohort of justice advocates who will take the Evergreen and Efficacy Fellowship on in the following season. A plan of action submitted via the application must include: 1) A detailed problem of practice 2) Research objectives 3) A tangible output and completion of relevant work to be published at the end of their fellowship 4) A clear understanding of how their outputs will contribute to culture change and evolution of empathetic mindsets in a particular institution or community 5) A clear understanding of how their submitted work dismantles systemic oppression, resists white supremacy and contributes to culture shift
  • What is the time commitment?
    Four month commitment that is self directed and scheduled according to the convenience of the Justice Advocate. The following mandatory sessions must be incorporated into the 4 month session: 1) 5 advisor sessions 2) 3 Content curation sessions 3) Individual work, practitioner research recording through templates provided by HTE 4) 2 Research showcase presentations for an audience of stakeholders and HTE donors 5) 6 Cross cohort connections 6) 3 Full cohort sessions discussing synergy of projects and exchanging resources 7) 2 Field work assignments distributing the final product to a predetermined industry, institution or community of choice
  • How are fellows compensated?
    Justice Advocates in the Evergreen and Efficacy Fellowship receive a stipend of $3,000 in tandem with a mental health care package including resources for therapy and personal coaching. Justice Advocates can also receive medical insurance and access to health care through NYU. Justice Advocates also receive access to retreat style housing provided by HTE for the entirety of their work study and community meals.
  • Where and how are the products of the fellowship distributed?
    Justice Advocates will be coached and supported in their last stage of the work to ensure efficacy and the production/distribution of their relevant work. HTE is responsible for recording and measuring the impact of each Justice Advocate through a designated Evergreen and Efficacy fellow focusing on recording and measuring the participatory action research happening in each cohort. Alongside another Justice Advocate in a similar field and a community partner the Justice Advocate will present their final research project, its finding and tangible resources to a community and support implementation of said project into the community during the last month of their fellowship.
  • How do fellows continue their work after the program?
    Many institutions and industries are starting programs and hiring consultants on justice issues. We will advocate for fellows, helping them find and create opportunities in their chosen specialties. HTE will utilize the advisory board to advocate on behalf of the Justice Advocate and support the transition from freelance researcher to employee, leader, manager or industry leader. Job placement through industry partners of HTE, mentorship and continuing advisement is available for Justice Advocates and if interested, Justice Advocates can apply for the Fellowship again the following season.
  • Can I participate in the Fellowship multiple times?
    There is no limit to how many seasons a Justice Advocate participates in the Fellowship but the application process is competitive.
  • When is the application available for each season?
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