Sunday, September 12, 2021

Usher in a new era of Broadway and pledge to reenter the theatre industry with a collaborative and renewed commitment to dismantling systemic oppression and resisting white supremacy.


Belvedere Hotel Ballroom & Online

319 W 48th St, New York, NY


9:45am - 1:45pm EDIFY TRAINING



About the Event

On Sunday September 12th, 2021 white theatre producers, creative teams and industry leaders are invited to usher in a new era of Broadway and commit to reentering the theatre community with a collaborative and renewed commitment to dismantling the tenants of white supremacy. This hybrid in person/virtual event will serve to both lay an educational foundation for white people looking to develop vocabulary and action steps in the fight for inclusivity and celebrate past and present generations of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled theatre artists. People of privilege are expected to come ready to contribute to HTEI's Reallocation of Wealth Initiative.

Edify Broadway is a conscious invitation to future generations of theatre workers from all walks of life, assuring them that our community is newly and continuously committed to an industry that includes, honors, and serves them in innovative ways.

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Run of Day

9:45am - 1:45pm: Edify Training
Belvedere Hotel Ballroom 
OR a Zoom room near you

2:00 pm - 2:30pm: YouTube Live Premiere

People of privilege are invited to participate in a free facilitated Edify Justice Advocates course which will include personal introspective and reflection work, an introduction to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and its history in the industry, and a foundational learning of anti-racism vocabulary and the tenants of white supremacy. People of privilege will leave this session with actionable steps to use their power and privilege to begin dismantling systemic oppression within their own communities. The course will end with a brief discussion from casting office and Edify graduate Stewart/Whitley and other industry professionals speaking to the effect of this work (TBA). 

ONLINE: Join us on Youtube LIVE on September 12th. Participants of Edify Broadway are expected to conclude the day’s activities by financially contributing to HTEI's 700 campaign: reallocation of wealth initiative.

Reallocation of Wealth

People of privilege are expected to conclude the day’s activities by participating in HTEI's 700 Campaign: Reallocation of Wealth Initiative.

  • Each supporter of The 700 Campaign can reallocate their wealth at an amount of their choice and directly contribute to the monthly compensation of fellows, researchers and DEI experts from HTEI.

  • This group of fellows is comprised of 36 rotating BIPOC leaders, artists and organizers from the theatre community. The researchers shift annually to ensure a diversity of thought and a wide range of impact and represent the following identities and intersectionality of identities: LGBTQIA+, neuro-diverse, little people, body-diverse, disabled, Black (6), Latine (6), Native American/Indigenous (6), AAPI(6), mixed race (6), White (6).

By contributing to HTEI fellows you are supporting:

1. Diversity, equity and inclusion/anti-racism/anti-bias/anti-harassment training for industry workers in all American regional theatre, NY production houses, theatre training programs, casting offices, agency and management/admin settings. Our goal is to train all NY based theatre professionals, with an initial focus on producers and creatives, by June 2nd, 2025.

2. Seed funding and sustainability resources for 700 BIPOC theater organizations by June 2nd, 2025.

3. An industry wide human resource center // mentorship for BIPOC leaders and theatre professionals in the industry including mentorship, health, wellness and healing for all professionals of color and a grievance complaint system for ongoing accountability. 

For more info on our Reallocation of Wealth Initiative and fellows click here.

Thank You for Your Comittment

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